About me

Me and my two friends have been the best of friends since our early childhood and now that we’re grown up and in our twenty’s, we also work in the same company. My name is Robert and my friends are Jordan and Pete. In this company, it’s required to work up to 10 hours at a daily basis, so it’s really hard for us to maintain our hobbies. Actually, I’m not gonna lie, our main hobby is gaming. We’re gaming hard since our childhood. We began with the GameBoy, then Nintendo, then my dad bought me my first PlayStation and I was like “woah, this is crazy, I’m going to play it all day and night!”
I know, you may call us addicts, but when we meet, we like to play games like Call of Duty for example or just get our gamepads and PS4 and play some PES or FIFA. I also like doing it when I’m alone, with a glass or two of high-quality beer. In a month, I’m getting married and I really hope that my future wife will understand my need for gaming. Actually, I’m just imagining if she joins me in playing games, that would be totally awesome!