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Is it possible to generate coins and keys in Subway Surfers?

Many popular games come from USA, and we’re not saying that they are bad, but actually in last couple of years, very good games have come from Europe. Four years ago, a private company based in Denmark and SYBO Games made a game called Subway Surfers and now, you will have access to some very interesting cheats in the planet. Subway Surfers is a game in which you run across the trains and railway and collect coins in order to set the higher score. This actually makes this game addicting and you’ll want to play it more and more. Since its release, the game updates were based on holidays, and since 2 January 2013 those updates were based on World Tours. World Tours are actually placing the player in different city every month, and there are over 20 World Tour updates right now. As the goal in this game is running and evading obstacles, you’ll need good reflexes and skill, so feel free to check out these cheats for Subway Surfers to increase your chances of survival in game.

So, to be able to run for longer you’ll need to use power ups which are given to you at the moment. At your disposal are a few power ups: Jet Pack, Super Jumpers, Super Sneakers, Coin Magnet and Score Multiplier. Some of them are essential when we talk about passing the obstacles, like for example Jet Pack or Super Sneakers and Super Jumpers. Use one of these cheat tool to easily overcome those obstacles. You can try Jet Pack jump, it’s actually a glitch which allows you to jump very high. All you need to do is pick up Jet Pack and right after he runs out of fuel quickly swipe up. Your character should be then in mid-air very, very high above the obstacles. This is very useful when you are having a long run and character is running faster than at the beginning. Don’t forget that obstacles are not the only problem you’ll have to face, as there is policeman and his dog chasing you, because put the spray on the trains there at the beginning ofsubwaysurfers the game. The game will end if you collide with the obstacle (train, barricade, etc.) or if policeman and his dog catch you. One of very useful Subway Surfers Cheats will help you stay very high. If you want to avoid jumping over trains and barricades, which can sometimes be nearly impossible if your character accelerates, you should try to use as many Jet Packs as you can. Also, Super Sneakers are very good gadget, or call it a power up and will also help you jump further and higher. If you are however interested in more characters, there is also a trick to do it. By default, your only character is Jake. He is the boy that you’ll see on the game thumbnail on Google Play. Follow one of the cheats to see how you can unlock other characters. Go to your settings on your device, and then find date and time setting, from there you can switch back date to be able to get those characters. This can also be applied to weekday events which can give you some great rewards and you shouldn’t avoid them in that case. If you still haven’t played Subway Surfers, we recommend you to do so and now you can use a few of our Subway Surfers Cheats to make it easier and funnier for you. There are many endless runner games, but Subway Surfers are one of the first and unique, it’s good for a reason.


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