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Tanki Online – Multiplayer Rpg Game You Have to Play!

There’s nothing more awesome than a big piece of metal that you can use to cause some serious havoc. Tanki Online is a massive multiplayer rpg where you can duke it out with just about anyone that shows up in any number of tanks. You can get those big guns that’ll shoot something for miles away. You can get those little peashooters that are perfect for precision. All that really matters is that you get to put a hole in something.

Basically, the way the game works is you duke it out on a playing field with a bunch of people to see who has the best guns and most amazing tank. The maps come in a large variety. You can make any one of them a wintery death trap or a summer kill fest. Many of them have been built by your fellow warriors, so they have take advantage of strategy and usability. As you play the game of death, you collect reward crystals. These guys help you pump up your artillery so that you can gain an edge on the competition to make your tank a killing machine. You can customize your tank in any number of ways. You can buy anything from paint to armor. You can change the look and performance of your grisly death machine so that as you play, you get better and better.


You’re bound to see some little boy with a tank built like a behemoth hunt you the entire time. After you failed epically and your carpal tunnels flaring up, you need to pull out the big guns. That kid knows the secret. You need a hack. Cheating is never wrong when it’s for a good cause. You gotta hack into the game and use a crystal generator. This monstrosity will allow you to heat up the battle by giving you as many crystals as you want. Deify your tank and show that little twerp who’s boss.

After a while, no matter how good a game is, you tend to get bored with the repetition. Games have to provide new stuff all the time to keep a players attention. Otherwise all it will do is make its way to back of the search results. That is the biggest problem with this game. Sure, it’s fun to duke it out, but after a few rounds, people will usually move onto something else. Players tend to need some sort of adventure rather than boring maps that they’ve used a thousand times. That is essentially the main issue with this game. It doesn’t provide anything more than initial stimulation. Any game creator will tell you that a game has to be able to hold a players attention or they won’t keep playing it.

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